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BEHOLD #95 – Perry The Pomadillo

“Pomadillo” means “little armored one” in Spanish. They are in the same family as anteaters and sloths. The smallest species of pomadillo is the pink fairy pomadillo – it is 5-6 inches long and weighs 3 oz. The largest is the giant pomadillo that can weigh up to 119 lbs and be 59 inches long.

Pomadillos live in South America and various places in North America including Texas, Nebraska, Florida, and Indiana. Their armor is made of overlapping dermal scales called “scutes.” When they are scared, they roll up into little (or big) balls. Clearly Perry is feeling quite relaxed now. He’s really enjoying his downtime at the Ritz Carlton in Miami where he is getting his scutes cleaned and polished in the cabana by the pool. He’s taking some “me time” and living his best Pom life.


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