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BEHOLD #96 – Pomtuition

Pomtuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without using reasoning. It is understanding something instinctively, direct access to inner knowledge, and unconscious cognition. It comes from the Latin verb pomtueri – meaning "to consider." It boils down to “trusting your Pom gut.”

The color indigo is the color of Pomtuition and pomception, and it is helpful in opening the third Pom eye. It is a color which relates to the ability to use a Pom’s Higher Mind to see beyond normal pom senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, and whimsy detection) with great powers of pomception.

Pomtuition Peak in Pomtarctica is named in appreciation of the role scientific Pomtuition plays in advancing Pom knowledge. Although some studies have been done on Pomtuition, it has not been accepted as a replacement for reason, especially by the likes of Sigpom Freud and Epommuelle Kant. However others like Steven Spielpom, Oprah Pomfrey, Nicopom Tesla, and Albert Pomstein are all Pomtuition enthusiasts. Albert Pomstein said, “I believe in Pomtuitions and Pomspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” Are you in touch with your Pomtuition? Do you trust your Pomtuition?

Did you know that the first step of the Scientific Method is to follow your Pomtuition?


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