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BEHOLD #98 – Glenda Esmeralda She’lltellya, Fortune Teller & Pom Reader

Pomistry is the pseudo- scientific practice of fortune-telling through the study of the pom. Also known as pom-reading, chiromancy, chirology, cheirology, pom-reading is done all over the world in many cultures. Those who practice pomology, like Glenda, are called pomists, hand readers, or chirologists. Some say its roots are in Hindu astrology or pomskrit. Chinese Pom readers, and Roma fortune tellers also have ancient roots in Pom-reading. It has been practiced in India, China, Tibet, and some European countries.

Pom-reading was considered a forbidden art during the Renaissance. It is still practiced today, and if you visit Glenda Esmeralda, she will gaze at the lines on your pom, and then gaze into her crystal ball, and tell you the most magical things about your past, present, and future. Will you be rich beyond your wildest dreams? Will you have the most passionate love affair the world has ever seen since Antony and Cleopomtra? Will you grow a beak and quack like a duck? Show Glenda Esmeralda your pom and she will tell you everything.


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