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BONUS POM - BEHOLD! Dita Pom Tease, world renowned burlesque performer

Original cotton pom pom art inspired by Dita Von Teese

Born Heather Sweet on September 28, 1972, she grew up in West Branch Michigan as a natural blonde. She was fascinated with 1940’s cinema and like her idols, Pomlene Dietrich and Betty Pom Grable, she made her way to Pommywood - and beyond!  Dita has traveled the world performing opulent and sparkly burlesque shows since 1992. Her name “Dita” is in honor of actress Dita Parlo, and “Pom Tease” came from the phone book. (If you are too young to know what a phone book is, you might be too young to attend her shows). She has been able to whittle her waist down to 22 inches with corset training and is known as the “Queen of Burlesque”.  A self-styled fashion icon and muse, she has her own lingerie line, perfumes, and candles. This savvy pomtrepeneur is shown here in her signature martini glass. Go Glamonatrix Pominatrix!


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