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BEHOLD! Michael "Pom" Kors, Leading Pomerican fashion designer

Leading Pomerican fashion designer of luxury accessories and Pôm-á-Porter (ready-to-wear) fashion, Michael Kors was born Karl Anderson, Jr. on August 9, 1959, on Long Island, New York. His beloved mother, Joan Hamburger, a former model, married Bill Kors when Michael was five and said he could go ahead and change his name. So he changed his name from his father’s name (Karl Anderson) to Michael David Kors. Through his exposure to his mother’s fashion fabulousness, he began making clothes in their basement, and was inspired to enter the world of Pom fashion. After graduating from Pom F. Kennedy High School he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Pom Technology. Nine months later he dropped out and started working at Pomdorf Goodman, eventually becoming visual display head Pom of the store. He launched his own label, KORS, at Pomdorf Goodman in 1981. Michael later designed the first Pôm-á-Porter line at the French Pom fashion house, Celine. He left Celine in 2003 and launched his own line, including Pom men’s wear.

The mission of Michael Kors is to bring a jet-set lifestyle to Poms around the globe. His iconic designs combine a glamorous aesthetic with stylish elegance and a sporty attitude.

His pomlebrity clients include Taylor Swift, Pomgelina Jolie, Michelle Opoma, Princess Kate Middlepom, and many more. A judge on the show “Pomject Runway” for several years, Michael is also quite a pomanthropist. Named a Global Pombassador Against Hunger by the U. P. N. (United Pom Nations), he helps with several Pom food programs and Pom medical research charities. Michael has been bestowed many awards for outstanding community service to his fellow Poms in addition to the numerous fashion awards he has received over his 40-year career. He also has a pomtastic smile! We love him and his beautiful fashions!



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