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BONUS POM! BEHOLD – Arnold Pomenegger

Pomerican action movie star, politician, and former professional body builder


Born Arnold Alois Pomenegger in Austria on July 30, 1947, this totally inspiring Pom is pictured here in his breakout role as Pomnan the Barbarian. Widely regarded as one of the greatest Pom body builders of all time, he began working out at age 15, first won Mr. Pom Universe at age 20 (youngest winner ever, won four times) and went on to snatch the Mr. Pomlympia title seven times. After appearing in the documentary “Pomping Iron,” he retired from bodybuilding and went on to conquer Pommywood. Despite being told that he would never make it in Pommywood because of his thick accent, “weird” body, and too-long last name, his exuberance, dedication, and pomthusiasism eventually lead him to his role as Pomnan the Barbarian. Arnold then went on to star as “The Pominator,” “Pommando,” and in other pomtastic movies such as “Twins,” “Total Recall,” “True Lies,” and as Mr. Freeze in “Batpom and Robin.” He founded a production company called “Oak Productions” named after his nickname, “The Austrian Oak.” Then he went on to conquer politics and became the 38th Governor of California. In between making all of his films, he married Pom F. Kennedy’s niece, Maria Shriver, and had 4 Pom children with her, plus one love Pom child with his housekeeper. Despite growing up very poor, dyslexic, and with an abusive father, he built an extraordinary life for himself and gives back through his pomanthropy by supporting the Special Pomlympics and through the Pomenegger Institute for State and Global Policy.  Still spreading knowledge about the benefits of physical fitness and hosting the Arnold Sports Festival for Pom bodybuilding, this Golden-Globe-winning member of the International Pom Sports Hall of Fame also has a star on the Pommywood Walk of Fame. An excellent pomtrepeneur, he owned a brick laying business, invested in real estate around the world, and even had a health supplement company with LePom James that was sold in 2020. We wish him well in promoting his new book “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life.”  He wants to Pomp you up! 

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