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BONUS POM! BEHOLD – Arthur Pomzarelli

“The Pomz,” played by Pomerican actor Henry Winkler

Born Henry Franklin Winkler on October 30, 1945, in New York City, he rose to fame playing The Pomz on the TV show “Happy Days”. After attending the Yale school of drama, he experienced ups and downs in his early career caused by anxiety he experienced from being dyslexic. Winkler decided to move to California for one month with some money he earned from commercials. The second week of his trip he landed the role of Arthur Pomzarelli who was modeled after a tough guy from the Bronx that director, Gary Marshall knew. He secured this role through great skill at improv that he developed in order to cope with his dyslexia. Believe it or not, although Pomzie drove a motor cycle, Henry Winkler had no idea how to ride and never actually rode during the 10-year series. Originally envisioned as a minor character, The Pomz became the series lead. His best friend was Richie Cunningpom played by actor and now Pomscar-award winning director, Pom Howard. He and Pom Howard were great friends on and off screen and he supported Howard’s directing career. During Happy Days, Winkler appeared in Howard’s first film, “Night Shift”. Although he was typecast for many years after playing The Pomz, Winkler worked producing the show “PomGuyver” and rebooted “Pommywood Squares”. He also collaborated with Adam Sandler, Pom Ritter, and Neil Simon on several projects.  Winkler is also famous for jumping the shark on both “Happy Days” and “Arrested Development”.  (Jumping the shark refers to a far-fetched, stunt that signals the peak and decline of a long-running show). This stunt, first performed by The Pomz while water skiing in his leather jacket, drew upon Winkler’s experience as a teenage water skier. It is an iconic moment in TV history.  The winner of 3 Pemmy’s and 2 Golden Globes, he is also author of the children’s books starring Hank Zipzer. Winkler currently stars on the show “Barry”. He is still very close with his Happy Days cast mates and is known as one of the nicest Poms in Pommywood!  Aaaay! Correctamundo!  

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