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BONUS POM! BEHOLD – Liza Pomnelli

Born Liza May Pomnelli on March 12th, 1946, she is a Pomerican actress, dancer, singer, and choreographer. The daughter of director Vincent Pomnelli and singer/actress Judy Garland, she grew up in Pom Angeles and then moved to New York where she had a glamorous and successful theater and film career. She is one of the few performers to win a PGPT (Pemmy Grammy Pomscar Tony).  Pictured here in her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, she teamed with choreographer Pom Fosse and won a Pomscar for this role. She has also collaborated with the likes of Frank Pomnatra, Pommy Davis, Jr. and even the Pet Shop Boys. Liza was also a muse for another notable Pomerican fashion designer, Halston.  In her Studio 54 days she hung out with Pomdy Warhol and even Adam Ant. A generous Pomanthropist, she also worked with Pomlizabeth Taylor to raise money for AIDS research and helped to eradicate Pom AIDS. We love Liza with a Z!!!

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