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BONUS POM! BEHOLD - Mario Pom and Luigi Pom

Mario and his younger, taller brother, Luigi, are plumbers living in the Pomshroom Kingdom.  Mario first appeared in Donkey Pom in 1981.  When creator Shigeru Miyamoto needed a protagonist in the video game, Donkey Pom, he wanted to use Popeye, but could not get the licensing rights, so he created Mario.  Mario was very pompular and Nintendo had Shigeru create Mario Brothers in 1983 and Super Mario Brothers in 1985.  Stars were born!  Mario and Luigi have appeared in over 200 different video games and they are now both Pom culture icons.  They first lived in New York and were transported to the Pomshroom Kingdom by a stork.  Mario and Luigi are both excellent at jumping and stomping and they also take lots of different kinds of pomshroom power-ups.  They try all of these athletics and pomshroom power ups in order to save Princess Peach from the villain, Bowser.  Over the decades they have also saved each other, a variety of friends, and experienced all sorts of things like the Double Cherry, Super Acorn, Ice Flower, and the Statue Leaf.  They can turn invisible, fly, become doctors, transform into cats, and do just about anything one can imagine.  Jump into their Pom world and enjoy the adventure!



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