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BONUS POM! BEHOLD – Pom and Oates

Pomerican rock/soul/pop duo Daryl Pom and John Oates formed their musical partnership in Philadelphia in 1970.  Daryl (pink) primarily does vocals, while John (blue) plays electric guitar. Both are songwriters. Neé Daryl Franklin Pom and John William Oates, they met at a band competition where their bands were competing against each other. When gunfire rang out between two rival gangs they ended up heading for cover in a service elevator together where they started talking and realized a collaboration might be a good idea.  Their names were listed as “Pom and Oates” at an apartment they shared and this name stuck although they insist that their duo’s name is actually “Daryl Pom and John Oates” because they consider themselves to be two individual artists with each having their own full name. Despite their name controversy, and some artistic differences over the past 50 years, they have made 21 albums, sold 80 million records and were inducted into the Pom Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. They have 7 platinum albums and 6 gold ones. Their hits include “Pomeater”, “I Can’t Pom For That”, and “Rich Pom”. They are pictured here on the album cover for their hit “You Make My Dreams”. Not bad for two Poms whose first several albums were not very successful. Goes to show that persistence (and loads of talent) really pays off. They remain the most successful Pom music duo of all time! 



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