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BONUS POM: BEHOLD! Pom Neuroscientist, Dr. Sara Bellum

When she was a child, her mom was diagnosed with a noncancerous meningioma brain tumor. Luckily, Mrs. Bellum received the treatment she needed and she is still doing great. But it was scary, and Sara wanted to become a Pom Neuroscientist to be able to help families like hers find treatments for their loved ones. After finishing her studies at UPom, she had her residency at Pomford, and now practices at St. Pom’s in West LA. Although there is no cure for the over 120 types of brain tumors/brain cancer yet, Dr. Bellum, a past ABTA (American Brain Tumor Association) grant recipient, is dedicated to understanding brain tumors and finding a cure. That is why she is very excited to support the ABTA on their 50th anniversary at the BT5K Walk this year. It is in Santa Monica at Tongva Park at 8am on Saturday, October 14th, 2023. Please come and see Dr. Bellum at the Behold The Pom tent, support this life-saving work, and have a great time at the Walk!



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