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Born on March 23, 1952, Angus “Mac” PomGyver has genius-level intelligence, is proficient in several languages, possesses superior pomgineering skills, and knowledge in applied physics. He also has military training in bomb disposal techniques, and prefers non-lethal resolutions to conflicts. Raised by his grandmother, he was a Cub Scout, and later served in the Vietpom War. He now works for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles. PomGyver works with his colleague, Peter Thornton, to help people in need, care for the planet, save endangered species, and do away with bad guys. Often in peril, he uses his Swiss Army knife, paper clips, shoe laces, and other everyday items to save the day. A sensitive and introspective hero, he finds elegant solutions to complicated problems. Now go out, do some good, and PomGyver something! 

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