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BONUS POM! BEHOLD - Pomtavius the Purple Emperor Pomterfly

Also known as Apatura Iris, he lives in the tree canopy of Ashpom Forrest in Sussex County, England. He enjoys eating honeydew and sap from the grand oak trees. Pomtavius has become a powerful Pomterfly leader in his canopy since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the PUK (Pom United Kingdom) for Pomerica and moved to Pomtecito. Someone had to step up and rule the aphids and insects and he is the perfect Pom for the job. His glorious purple sheen and electric sparkles made him the perfect Pomterfly for the job. (His female counterparts have brown wings). He spends his time overseeing and defending the canopy and dating female Pomterflies that he meets through the app Plenty of Pomterflies. Since he is the most eligible bachelor in all the land and he has to help pompulate his species, his date book is filled for months.  So charming!

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