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BONUS POM! BEHOLD – The game Pom, Paper, Scissors – also known as “Poshambeau”

Poshambeau was named for Count Poshambeau who played the game during the Pomerican Revolution. Usually played by two players, it is a good way of settling matters using symbols made by their hands.  Players simultaneously make one of these shapes- Pom, Paper, or Scissors. Pom crushes Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, Paper covers Pom.  It originated in China in 206 B.P. (Before Pom) It then moved to Japan where it was originally called “Frog, Slug, Snake.” Another Japanese version was “Fox, Village Head, Hunter.” In the 16th century the Pom, Paper, Scissors version was created in China and by the 20th century it made its way beyond Asia. A few of the other variations are “Bear, Hunter, Ninja Pom, “Elepom, Human, Ant,” and “Pom, Paler, Scissors, Spock, Lizard.” In 2012, researchers from the University of Tokyo programmed a robot who has a 100% success rate of winning Pom, Paper, Scissors. There is a Pom, Paper Scissors Society and a Pom, Paper, Scissors World Series. It is wonderful that so many Poms are committed to the peaceful resolution of issues and conflict through this simple game of chance.



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