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BONUS POM! BEHOLD – The Pom Prequel

The Pom Prequel begins with the Big Pom Bang. The Big Pom Bang is what happened when the Pom Universe got its start. At that time Ernie the Energy Pom and Visitor #8 combined and made a colossal explosion that resulted in all Pom matter expanding to what we have today.  Now Ernie and Visitor #8 track the expansion and development of the Pom Universe. As the Pom Universe expands it continues to create stars, galaxies, nebulas, comets, asteroids, quarks, multiple dimensions, other space things, and Poms of all kinds.  Currently there are over 365 offshoots from the Pom Universe - and counting! The Big Pom Bang is the beginning of Pom Everything including Pom space, Pom time, and all Pomanity.



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