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BONUS POM! BEHOLD - Toppy the Tyrannosaurus Rex Pom

T-rex Poms first appeared in North Pomerica about 68 million years ago.  They are among the last non-avion pomosaurs to exist before the Great Event happened.  When the Great Event happened, pomosaurs disappeared for millions of years – but, they are back now and thriving.  T-rex’s are known for their massive skulls that are balanced by a long, heavy tail.  Their non-Pom counterparts have 2-clawed digits, but pomosaurus T-rex’s have 3 clawed-digits.  They have the strongest bite force of all terrestrial animals.  T-rex’s also like to walk around on their hind legs – on their tippy toes.  Toppy here is tired of being on his tippy toes.  He’s starting to have some toe issues and so his pomdiatrist recommended sitting down and relaxing for a couple of hours each day.  Toppy enjoys his relaxation time so much that he decided to open a recliner store called “Take a Load Off”.  Many T-rex’s with tired tippy toes come to him for their relaxation needs.  Toppy is an amazing pomtrepeneur!



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