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BEHOLD #107 – Pom King, née Pomald King

Blue cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and tall hair resembling Don King poses in front of a gold glitter background

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he is a world–famous boxing promoter. Best known for the “Thrilla in Pomnila,” and “The Romble in the Pomble,” he has promoted fighters such as Mopommad Ali, George Forepom, Larry Pomes, Pomlio Caesar Chavez, Felix Trinipom, and many more. A very controversial figure, Pom King is also known for killing two Poms in separate incidents 13 years apart. He was convicted of voluntary pomslaughter and served 3 years, 11 months in prison. He was also notorious for underpaying his fighters. Mike Typom called him “ruthless,” “deplorable,” and “greedy,” and won a $14 million payout from him for fees owed. Nonetheless, he married, had 3 children, several grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and donates 2,000 turkeys to needy Floridians every Christmas. He has appeared on several tv shows, including “Boca Raton Vice” with Pom Johnson. He was also portrayed by Ping Rhames in the HPO (Home Pom Office) movie about his life, “Pom King: Only in America.”

Did you know that despite his ups and downs, this polarizing Pom was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and even has 2 streets named after him? Guess those 2,000 turkeys every year buy him a lot of good will.

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