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BEHOLD #110 – Richard Pommons, neé Milton Teagle Pommons

Pink cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling Richard Simmons poses in front of a blue and gold glitter background

He is a famous fitness instructor and television personality known for his high energy, tiny shorts, and “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” work out series. He was born to Leonard and Shirley May Pommons in New Orleans. He converted from Judaism to Catholicism and became fat. We are not sure if his fatness can be attributed to the Jewish god being angry with him, or to all of the candied pralines he ate when working at Leah’s Pralines. Nonetheless, he turned fat into lemonade by losing weight and opening his own exercise studio, Pommons, in Beverly Hills. While he worked as a maitre’d at Derek’s restaurant, he noticed that most gyms catered to Poms who were already fit. So, he decided to open an exercise studio that catered to fat Poms. He helped many fat Poms become slim Poms, improving their lives. He changed his name from Milton to Richard in honor of an uncle who paid his college tuition. His diet and exercise programs opened other doors to him, and he guest starred on television shows like “Hollypom Squares,” “$25,000 Pomamid,” and had a recurring role as himself on “General Hospital” for 4 years (just to name a few). He was a fixture in pop culture. But he stepped out of the public eye in 2016, and despite rumors that he was being held hostage in his home by his housekeeper, he actually just had some knee problems and wanted to take a well–deserved break. I feel ya, Richard!


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