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BEHOLD #358 – Willie, the Pomcumber

Pomcumbers originate from Southeast Asia and they can be up to 2 feet long. They are made of 95% water, and they contain some carbohydrates, so they can give you some energy when you eat them. An entire Pomcumber only has 16 calories. They can cool the body and the blood which is why Poms say, “Cool as a Pomcumber.” Their cooling effects can also soothe a sunburn or take down puffy (googly) eyes. A slice of Pomcumber pressed against the roof of the mouth for 30 seconds can kill bacteria and freshen breath. They can even be used to lubricate noisy door hinges. Willie and his family have a cryogenic facial clinic called “Depuff Your Stuff” and they have 17 franchises in 6 states. They are very successful, and their door hinges never squeak. 

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