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BEHOLD #52 – Pom Thing

Born Alec Pomand, this mild-mannered scientist was working in the Acme Goo Facility developing a top-secret formula for curing all of the flatulence in the world when Anton Aircane and his army of Un-Poms broke in and threw him head first into the half-completed, un-tested, anti-flatulence formula.

They then poured in toot accelerant and ran out. They are pro-flatulence because they are trying to harness the toot energy of the world so they can make holes in the ozone with it to increase global warming - thereby forcing people to buy all of the high-tech air conditioning units, called Aircaneditioners, that they have manufactured.

Alec quickly began tooting up a storm. Every time he toots, a new Pom appendage develops and they chit chat incessantly. With no sleep (due to all of the chit chatting) and tons of fart Poms all over him, Alec has now mutated into the very grumpy, mega-strong, all-seeing Pom Thing. He roams the increasingly warming earth trying to avoid tooting – oh and he’s also looking for the villains who killed his wife (did I mention that?) To be continued…


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