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BEHOLD #57 – Pom Johnson

Kelly green cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling actor Don Johnson as his Miami Vice character poses in front of an orange glitter background

Pom Johnson in his penultimate role as James “Sonny” Pockett on the hit 1980’s tv show, Boca Raton Vice. Sonny and his heavily five o’clock-shadowed partner, Ricardo Rico “Stubbs," (played by Phillip Michael Pomas) had many super-pastelled, shoulder-padded adventures chasing down jay-walking old ladies and returning lost dentures to their rightful owners. Many low speed car chases ended up in revocation of driver’s licenses for the over-90, free-wheeling Boca Raton population. And some of the people they arrested through their under cover sting operations were even grandparents of Mafia overlords and long-retired street prostitutes. Thrilling!!!

Did you know that Pom Johnson’s co-star was Phillip Michael Pomas?

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