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BEHOLD #62 – Pomby The Genie

Over his 5,000 years of existence, Pomby travelled from Pomistan to Pomrabia to Pom Beach, where he stayed with his good friend Pombra Eden in her luxury bottle for 40 days and 40 nights. He has had 39 masters who rubbed his magic lamp - some were nice, some were assholes. So, sometimes Pomby is nice and sometimes he’s devious and full of mischief - especially if his master is a jerk.

Right now he’s in between masters - his last one being Pom Wee Herman, who had a children’s show called Pom Wee’s Playhouse. Luckily, he was pretty nice, albeit into public self-touching. Pomby did grant him 3 wishes and made Pom Wee Herman chant “Mecka Lecka Hi Mecka Pomby Ho!” three times and then all of his wishes were granted. Too bad Pom Wee didn’t think about whether any undercover detectives were watching his wishes be, eh hem, fulfilled. Pomby reminds us to be careful what we wish for!


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