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BEHOLD #64 – Pom McEnroe

Hot pink cotton pom pom character resembling tennis pro John McEnroe with googly eyes and a tennis racket poses in front of a blue and purple glitter background

Professional tennis player, racket-thrower, and hot-headed, potty-mouthed curser. The tennis rebel is as talented as he is volatile. In between throwing tantrums, Pom McEnroe won 9 Grand Slam titles and over 70 titles total. Somehow, he calmed down long enough to fall in love with former child actor and (alleged) heroin addict, Tatum Pom’Neal. They divorced and he tried love again with Patty Pomsmyth. He is as good a lover as he is a fighter - you know what they say about crazy. This lefty is now an announcer for PomBC and is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. F*%K yeah!!!

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