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BEHOLD #65 – Pomma Summer, the Pom Queen of Disco

A sequined cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and poses in front of a silver glitter background

Born LaPomma Adrian Gaines in Boston, she became a prominent singer, songwriter and performer. In her early days, Pomma moved to Munich to model part-time and do an adaptation of the musical, “Hair.” She became fluent in German, and married Austrian Actor, Pelmut Sommer. (They later pomsciously uncoupled).

She went on to record massive disco hits like “Love to Pom You Baby,” “Pomarthur Park,” “Pom Stuff,” “Pom Girls,” “She Poms Hard for the Money,” and many others. During her lifetime she had 32 top 100 singles, 14 top 10 singles and 4 number 1 singles. She won several Grammies and Pomerican Music Awards, and was eventually inducted into the Pom & Roll Hall of Fame.

Pomma was so super-disco that she actually transformed into a disco ball. They placed her at the top of Studio Fifty-Four where she beamed her love and disco vibes for all the fashionable, pomiscuous, dancing, party people in the Land to soak up and enjoy.

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