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BEHOLD #66 – Pom Jeremy

Light blue cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and a mustache resembling Ron Jeremy poses in front of a kelly green glitter background

Super-lewd, pomographic film star, comedian, and entrepreneur (before he went to prison). He was born in New York City and his XXX pom career took off when his girlfriend sent his picture into "Pom Girl Magazine" in 1978. He insists that he should be Pom #69, and with films like "Debbie Poms Dallas II," "Wanda Poms Wall Street," and "John Wayne Pommit Uncut" under his belt (so to speak) he may have a point. But that would be too cliche – so, he’s #66.

Known for his large Pom dong and mustache, he did try a serious turn in documentaries such as "Fuck: A Fuckumentary", and "Pom Star: The Legend of Pom Jeremy". He also appeared in many mainstream films (but that’s not nearly so interesting so we won’t get into those). He was certainly riding high (or riding something) for several decades, but now he is a fallen Pom. Let his life serve as a cautionary tale – you CAN actually have too much of a good (and dirty) thing.

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