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BEHOLD #67 – Long Pom Silver and his trusty sidekick, Pom Captain Flint

(who, by the way, is over 200 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 117)

Orange cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling a pirate poses in front of a magenta glitter background

Long Pom Silver is a swarthy and treacherous pirate captain who plunders the high seas and gathers its treasures in the most conniving ways. Although this buccaneer robs and pillages, he is also very economically savvy, and invests his pirate booty with Pomguard through his financial planner, Larry, who works with Marge in Accounting at CPMG. Since he’s getting a nice rate of return despite the volatility of the market, he and Captain Flint are going to retire in Portugal where they’ve heard the wine flows freely, the women are warm, the healthcare is very good – and the taxes are favorable. Let’s hope he doesn’t get bored and start looking for trouble once his required minimum distributions begin. Avast ye, matey!

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