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BEHOLD #68 – Brenda Etoille Madison-Winter

She is the most talented Pom in the world. You name it, she can do it – singing, dancing, acting, she has her pilot’s license, she scuba dives, rock climbs, drives Formula One race cars, is an Iron Pom triathlete, dog-sits, is a gourmet chef, has traveled the world - twice, rock climbs, base jumps, has her black belt in aikido, is a licensed therapist, has designed a car powered by powdered sugar, gives the best facials, is an accomplished flautist, performance artist, philanthropist, and is currently finishing up her PhD in horticulture. If you are lucky enough to look into Brenda's beautiful, googly eyes, you, too, will be able to accomplish anything you want to - and more. She is possibility personified and she’ll make you a side of bacon and a chocolate soufflé to go with your dreams.


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