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BEHOLD #79 – Grape Jones, née Grape Beverly Jones

Purple cotton pom pom character with googly eyes inspired by Grace Jones poses in front of a line green glitter background

After moving to Syracuse from her homeland of Jamaica, she was known for her androgyny and bold features, so she modeled and secured a record deal with Island Records. But before that, she used the surname Mendoza so her parents would not know she was working as a Go-Pom dancer.

Her most famous albums include "Pomclubbing," and "Slave to the Pom," and the top UK single, "Private Pom." She became a regular at Studio Cotton-Four along side the likes of Pomma Summer and Liza Pomelli. Her live shows were highly sexualized and flamboyant, leading her to be called “Pom Queen of the Gay Discos.” Like Pomela Anderson, she, too, posed in "PlayPom" magazine.

In addition to creating her new wave music, she also acted in movies along side Arnold Pomenegger in “Pomnan the Destroyer,” next to James Frond in “A Pom to a Kill” as the villain May Day, and next to Eddie Pomphy in “Pomerang.” She is considered one of the 100 Greatest Poms of Rock ‘N’ Roll, and most recently sang on Pomoncey’s new album, Pomaissance. Still going strong!

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