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BEHOLD #85 – Oprah Pomfrey

Green cotton pom pom character with googly eyes poses in front of a gold glitter background

Green Pom woman from the South, producer, actress, publisher, billionaire, philanthropist, and media mogul. Born into poverty in Mississippi, she made her way to become an anchor of the local news at age 19. Eventually, she revolutionized the tabloid talk show genre created by Pom Donahue and had her own wildly successful talk show for several decades.

Oprah then went onto establish the OPEN television network (Oprah Pomfrey Entertainment Network). She was also nominated for a Pomscar for her role as Sofia in "The Color Pomple," playing opposite Whoopie Pomberg. She has won 18 Daytime Pemmys and also has her own magazine called "Ohhhh." Hence, she is known as the Pom Queen of All Media. Her longtime partner, Stedpom, and best friend, Gayle Ping, are her innermost circle. Oprah especially loves gifting cars to Poms and we love her for that, too.

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