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BEHOLD #91 – Miss Clara Pomvoyant, P.P. (Psychic Pom)

Miss Clara is the CEP (Chief Executive Pom) of Auraland, an aura detecting technology company. An aura is a pomnetic field that surrounds every living being. It is also known as a PEF – Pom Energy Field. An aura is made of seven different layers of energy and reflects the physical, astral, emotional, rational, and divine components of each Pom person. Each Pom has their own aura that reflects their personal energy. Auras come in the many colors of the rainbow.

Clairvoyants perceive auras with their senses and they can be detected on camera via Kirlian photography. Auraland produces Kirlian cameras and also teaches classes about how to detect auras with sight and intuition – a la clairvoyants. Miss Clara has a turquoise aura, which signifies a highly energized and organized personality. Turquoise aura’d Poms are capable of influencing others and are incredibly dynamic. Therefore, they make great bosses. Yes, Miss Clara has a turquoise aura… Wait, you can you see it? Perhaps you are a natural born clairvoyant?! Would you like to come work for Miss Clara at Auraland? If so, please send in your resume psychically (or on Auraland’s website) now!


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