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BEHOLD #148 – Oinkbert The Great!

Pigs are a symbol of wealth and Pomsperity. Pomsperity comes from Latin and means “according to hope.” It is a way of living – an attitude about life, not just about money or things. It is spiritual well–being that includes healing life, satisfying love, abiding peace and harmony, and good fortune. Colors of Pomsperity are purple, red, gold, and green – so as you can see, Oinkbert is a very magical and powerful Pom. He runs a vegan health food company called Seed Oink. They plant fruit and vegetable gardens all over the world and have rejuvenating retreats for Poms who want to increase their health, longevity, and contribution to the world. As CEPP (Chief Executive Pomsperity Pig), Oinkbert has managed to make Seed Oink a Fortune 500 company with his motto “If we roll around in life the way we roll around in mud, everything will be golden.”


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