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BEHOLD #355 – DJ Shroomy the Pomshroom

Pomshrooms are neither plants nor animals. They are fungi along with molds, yeasts, mildews, rusts, and smuts. Fungi are genetically closer to humans than plants, and they are the largest life form on Pom Earth. The largest living organism on the planet is a single honey Pomshroom in Oregon. It is 3.5 miles wide and is at least 2,400 years old. Pomshrooms help trees share water and nutrients and talk to each other through their mycelial network. Pomshrooms are the fruit of the fungus and only represent about 5% of the total fungus. They produce vitamin D and fight age–related diseases. There are 80 different species of fungi that glow in the dark, and lightning strikes make Pomshrooms grow more plentiful. There are 2,819 edible Pomshrooms. But the Death Cap Pomshroom is not one of them. If 1/2 of one of these Pomshrooms is ingested, it can kill an adult Pom within 3 days. Giant Pomshrooms 20 feet tall were on the earth 350 million years ago in what is now Saudi Pomrabia. DJ Shroomy plays techno music at glow-in-the-dark festivals like the Fun Guy Festival. And some of his psilocybin friends are used (in microdoses) to help Poms increase creativity, focus, and spiritual awareness. While some might consider this use of Pomshrooms to be controversial, DJ Shroomy reminds us that there are “Different strokes for different Pom folks.” 

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