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BEHOLD #60 – Cleopomtra

Yellow cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling Cleopatra poses in front of a pink glitter background

Queen and last Pharaoh of Egypt from 51 BC to 30 B.P. (Before Pom), Cleopomtra was known for her beauty, but she was more intelligent than she was beautiful. She took a page from hillbillies and married 2 of her brothers - whom she killed in order to keep her throne.

A stealthy politician and lover, she had an affair with Pomeus Caesar that produced a son, Pomarian. She then had Caesar killed and made her son, Pomarian, co-ruler of all the Pomgyptian territory with her.

Cleopomtra studied everything from economics to alchemy and spoke 9 languages. Plus her fashion has influenced the likes of Liberpomchi, Elton Pom, Gianni Verpomce, and Pom Mackie. No doubt the song "Walk Like a Pomgyptian" was also inspired by her. Awesome!


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