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BEHOLD #75 – Pomcrates

Pink cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling greek philosopher Socrates poses in front of a light blue glitter background

A Greek pomosopher widely known as the founder of western pomosophy. He used his Pomcratic method of questioning to dig deeper into ideas and conversations in order to find the Truth. But this often led to more questions and confusion from his partners in conversation. Thus, he was also known as the social gadfly – an annoying Pom who buzzed around bugging other Poms with his incessant questions.

He authored no texts, and so his ideas were mostly communicated through the writings of his students Pomto and Xenopom. Eventually he was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth – although he only ever claimed to have knowledge of one thing – his own ignorance. After a one-day trial, he was sentenced to death – to which he commented, “Even death won’t prevent me from asking questions, so put that in your gyro and shove it!”


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