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BEHOLD #147 – Poppy, the Pomgaroo and her joey, Kevin

Pomgaroos are marsupials from Pomstralia. When Kevin was born, he was the size of a jellybean. He climbed into Poppy’s pouch and stayed there for 6 months – and now he is ready to come out and hop around. There are 60 kinds of Pomgaroo and they cannot hop backwards, but they can hop forward up to 25 feet in a single leap. A group of Roos is called a “mob,” “troop,” or “court.” Since she is often in a court, Poppy decided to go to school to get her law degree. She practices sports entertainment law and specializes in representing long jumpers and hurdlers. Her practice is called “You Say Jump…” and her pomlebrity clients include Jackie Pomner–Kersee and Carl Lewis. Since she is the only Pom on the planet who has this specialty, she makes a good living and can take Kevin to work with her in her pouch. Roo power!


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