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BEHOLD #242 – Marty, the lactose intolerant mouse

Gray cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling a mouse poses with cheese in front of a gold glitter background

Ever since he was a pup or pinky (that’s what a baby mouse is called) his tummy would do flips when he ate the yummy cheese. So he finally went to a functional medicine Pom who suggested that he go dairy–free. He started doing this a couple of months ago and he feels so much better. The pomesan cheese he is holding is actually made of cashews, from the brand Cheese Nut, and it’s quite tasty. He found it in the alley way of Gracias Pomdre, a hip and trendy vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. Marty finds it pretty easy to be a dairy–free mouse in LA. Here’s to Marty’s good health!

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