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BEHOLD #88 – Nathan The Crustacean

Red cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resemling a lobster poses in front of a light blue glitter background

Nathan is an invertepom with a hard, protective – and sparkly – exoskeleton. In other words, Nathan is an anthropom. In order to grow, he must shed his skeleton. While he is growing his new exoskeleton, he is vulnerable. Therefore, Nathan is an incredible combination of hardness and softness, strength and vulnerability, and he knows that in order to grow and to get to the next level of his life, there is some discomfort to overcome.

He has taken many courses on psychotherapy and wrote the book “Cocks are From Mars, Paquettes are from Venus.” Lobsters have blue blood (due to copper in it – snails and spiders do as well) and throughout their 45-50 year lives, they get faster and more fertile as they age.

Nathan is a serial monogamist and has relationships with one lady lobster (paquette) at a time. She comes by his den, pees on his doorstep, (which he likes for some reason), sheds her exoskeleton, and then they have romance. A couple of weeks later when her new exoskeleton has formed, she is on her way (nothing personal). So, it is very good that Nathan is emotionally secure to deal with his many short-term relationships. He spends his free time remodeling his den with the royalties from his book.

Did you know that lobsters have 3 stomachs?


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